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Gambian environmentalist Omar A.J Saho

Gambian security agents visit family of activist

The family of a leading environmentalist Omar A.J. Saho, was yesterday allegedly intimidated by members of the Gambia Police Force posted at Gunjur Police Station. His house was ransacked as they searched his compound without...

Gambia: Barrow Gov’t Is Threatening Our Environment & Future

Building The New Gambia With Madi Jobarteh Within one year this country is witnessing massive environmental violations that are deliberately and consciously perpetrated by the Gambia Government. Not only has the new Government failed...

ghana chinese trawler

Ghana: More trawlers on Ghana’s waters against dwindling stocks

Their worry is not only about the depletion of fish stocks, but the possible collapse of the entire fishing industry in the not so distant future. The fishers here are worried that the increasing number of industrial fishing vessels on Ghana’s waters is greatly contributing to the depletion of the stocks.

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