Pakistan Has Planted Over A Billion Trees

Pakistan hit its billion tree goal in August 2017 – months ahead of schedule. Now, the hills of the country’s northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are alive with newly planted saplings. The massive reforestation project...

gambia forests

Gambia: Our Forests Are Crying For Help

Gambia’s forest is facing a heavy time. The country lost over 90.000 ha of forest the past years. Locals are fearing for future generations. Forests are very vital for life, home to thousands of...

Greenpeace attempts to block palm oil tanker in Rotterdam

24 November: Greenpeace tried to prevent a palm oil tanker from mooring in the ports of Rotterdam. The activists chained themselves to the tanker with Wilmar palm oil. Wilmar is the supplier of biscuit...

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