In the Danish Faroe Islands the fifth grind took place in the evening of May the 26th in the village Hvalba. The Faroer news agencies state the number of murdered pilot whales between 30 and 40.

Hvalba is a place of the Danish Faroe Islands in the north of the east coast Suðuroys.

Locals are running into the water to hook the whales, and drag them to the beach to be brutally killed.

The first grind took place earlier this month on 29th of April. A large pot of up to a hundred pilot whales was killed brutally by the locals turning the Faroese sea red again.

Entire pods are dragged up the beach and slaughtered on the sand or in the shallow water.

The hunt, known locally as the grindadrap, draws large crowds. Many people enter the water to help bring the whales to the sand.

The whales are murdered by the Faroese locals in Hvalba may 26th 2019

Faroe Islanders are allowed to carry out the annual slaughter by law, which is partially devolved from Denmark’s government, although the legality of the practice has been questioned by activists.

(pictures: Jóanis Albert Nielsen/ , Niels Jacob Eysturberg/ , Sverri Egholm/