After years of investigation, officials in the Czech Republic have uncovered a gruesome tiger slaughterhouse where dead animals were being processed for sale on the black market. 

Operation Trophy discovered the facility in Prague, exposing a criminal network that was selling tiger parts for use in traditional Asian medicines.

Tiger parts - Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

Five years after they began their investigation, the team found a house filled with tiger pelts, meat, bones, and whole bodies.

One recently killed tiger was discovered in a garden shed, a bullet wound in its throat to avoid spoiling its beautiful – and valuable – coat.

Since 2013, many tiger parts have been seized by authorities in the Czech Republic. These include bones, teeth, claws, broth, and even whiskers.

While the Czech Republic might seem like an unlikely location for an illicit tiger trade, the country has a large Vietnamese population, creating a demand for tiger parts within the country and providing ties to traders and traffickers in Asia.

This tiger was found dead in a shed, ready to be butchered.

In Vietnam, the most common tiger product is tiger bone medicine, which is believed to help joint problems like arthritis.

There are thousands of captive tigers in Asia, many of which are bred thanks to the value of their body parts.

In 2007, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) declared that tigers should not be bred for their body parts and that tiger farming should be phased out.

However, thanks to the immense value of tiger parts – tiger “wine” is worth over $30,000 a case – this phasing out has yet to be achieved.

Tiger slaughterhouse in Prague, Czech
Tiger slaughterhouse in Prague, Czech (photo: Administration of the Czech republic)

In the Czech Republic, tigers can technically be bred to supply to zoos, circuses, and shows.

Having confiscated many dead tiger parts, officials decided to inspect all live tigers kept in the country in 2015.

They found 174 tigers housed mainly in private facilities and discovered many inconsistencies in the paperwork documenting the deaths and transfer of these animals.

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Source: IFL Sience