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Gambia Nyambai Forest

Gambia: Chinese Factory Is Polluting Nyambai Forest

By Mustapha Jallow Staff of the Forestry Department have accused a Chinese factory that burns tires within the periphery of Nyambai Forest of polluting the environment. When this reporter visited the factory he found...

Gambia: Our Forests Crying For Help

Forests are very vital for life, home to millions of animal and tree species, protect the soil from erosion, produce oxygen, store carbon dioxide, and help control the climate. Forests are also vital for...

This dead pilot whale washed ashore 21 november 2018

SHOCKING: The Silent Ecocide Of The Gambia

Since two years now a true silent ecocide is happening in the coastal villages of the Gambia. This is how a small Chinese company in Africa is able to enrich themselves, terrorize an entire...

The Gambia is extremely vulnerable in terms of climate change. Rising sea levels are a real danger

Gambia Is Very Vulnerable To Climate Change

The Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, Lamin B.Dibba, has warned Gambians about the vulnerability of the country to Climate Change. He urged people to change their attitude in order to mitigate...

Protests by residents of Sanyang helped to close down the Nessim Fish Meal Factory in June

African Fishmeal Factories Under Fire

Due to concerns over the pollution they generate and the impact they have on local forage fish stocks and the fishermen who traditionally rely on them, in the last few weeks, fisheries representatives and...