Gambia is losing forest

Gambia is losing forest is record speed.. There will soon come a time when no big tree will be left in our terrestrial ecologies and no fish in our aquatic ecosystems with highly polluted environment, prevalence of diseases and unplayable Chinese loans, then, there will be survival for the fittest, high crimes and eventually “eat or be eaten”.

Tragedy will befall a generation because of the doings of today’s leaders who have no thoughts of sustainability instead personal gains and profit.

We call on the government to stop playing games and act in the best interest of the nation and her sustainable development agenda.

It’s high time to act against the environmental injustice in The Gambia under our watchful eyes masterminded by our own authorities entrusted with the protection of our environmental resources.

The government of The Gambia is fully responsible for all the environmental destructions in The Gambia.

Gambia’s forest is facing a heavy time. The country lost over 90.000 ha of forest the past years. Locals are fearing for future generations.

Forests are very vital for life, home to thousands of animals and tree species, they protect the soil from erosion, produce oxygen, store carbon dioxide, and help control the climate. If nothing is done to stop deforestation, the Gambia soon will be losing all its forest.

Report by: Famara Drammeh