Giant Chinese fishing fleet made up of 245 ships depredates the Galapagos protection zone

Chinese fishing fleet

245 boats are located two nautical miles from the Galapagos protection zone.
A gigantic Chinese fishing fleet made up of 245 ships depredates the marine fauna a few miles from the Galapagos protection zone.

The National Navy announced that this activity has been extended for months but it can not be prevented. According to the authorities, an Ecuadorian ship supplies these vessels with fuel.

The National Navy calls for an international law that prohibits these activities. These tasks have been carried out for three months two miles from the limits of the Galápagos protected area.

In March, April and May several marine species travel to the archipelago to feed.

Darwin Jarrín Cisneros, commander of the Navy, commented that in the monitoring they have detected how the Chinese ships are being supplied with fuel.

“This has been a surprise indeed because it is an Ecuadorian flag vessel,” María del Carmen 4 “, which has participated in procurement operations,” he said.

Jarrín said that nothing can be done about this type of action because the ship “María del Carmen 4” has worked in international waters and abided by the law. In 2017, a Chinese vessel with more than 6 tons of fishing was captured.

“For Ecuador represents a big effort to generate protection in our space.” He commented that it is necessary to generate policies that allow to contain this type of actions. (BGV)

Source: Teleamazonas - Twitter - Ecuadorinmediato

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