Another silent tweet of the Chinese Exim Bank sneaked into the world today. As the African colonization continues another depth trap was set for Uganda. $325million will be lended to Uganada for the expansion of Entebbe Airport. In trade for that the Exim Bank now has the full exclusive management of the airport.

Exim Bank now owns full exclusive management over Entebbe Airpport

Only a week later the Chinese Bank announces on Twitter that it has loaned $325 million to Uganda. In trade for that the Chinese Bank now has the exclusive management over Entebbe airport. In other words, the Ugandan airport has been taken over by China.

What are the consequences of this take over? Will it be easier to transport ivory, rhino horns and other parts of endangered species to China? Who is responsible for customs? Nobody really knows what the consequenses are of the bad deals African leaders are making nowadays with China.

Chinese vessels fishing illegally on the African coast

China takes exclusive fishing rights over the Somalian coast

The African colonization is going rapidly. One week ago the Chinese Exim Bank announced that it loans 200 million dollar to the Somalian government. In trade for that the bank now owns the full exclusive fishing rights over the Somalian coast.

This means that all fish caught in Somalian waters will be taken away to China. What is left to eat for the Somalians and other people in East Africa? It is expected that unrest and problems in the region will increase due the lack of protein.

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The Somalian coastline is huge and covers over 3000 kilometers. This development is devastating news for the East-African marine eco-system. Local fishermen are fearing the worst.

The Chinese fishing fleet is notorious because of its massive overfishing, ignoring local laws and illegal practices like shark finning.

However, instead of helping a country that is in need of political stabilization, China is only in Africa to exploit its resources. It’s seems to be the sad truth.


Source: Green World Warriors

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