You may wonder why a family chooses to build their house inside a greenhouse. If you read what the benefits are, you wouldn’t want anything else.

Growing fruits in the winter

Being able to grow your own vegetables and fruit outside the season is already an art in itself. Especially when it comes to cold Scandinavia. Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto manage it anyway, in their own backyard! By building a greenhouse around your own house, everything is possible in a vegetable garden. Because temperatures can rise high on the roof terrace, even different varieties of fruit and vegetables can be grown that would not normally survive in the Swedish climate.

Save half of energy costs

Besides being able to feed themselves with their self-produced food, they are heating their house in a sustainable way. The greenhouse will heat up using only a small amount of sun. Its not only heating the vegetable garden, but their entire house.

In this way they save almost half of energy costs. Because the greenhouse is protecting the house against impact from the weather, the house could be built from untreated wood.

Sustainable living using the energy of the sun

Sustainable living using the energy of the sun

Greenhouses are populair

Moreover, this was not the first family with the desire to use the benefits of a greenhouse to create buildings. Earlier, an architectural firm built a spa in a greenhouse, right next to a lake. Wonderful relaxing view while you warm up and relax. That spa was inspired by the real mind behind the concept: Bengt Warne. In the seventies he had the idea to surround his living space with insulating glass to create a new kind of outdoor climate. An example for many.


Source: VoorDeWereldVanMorgen

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