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Indonesia sinks fishing boats

Indonesia sinks 51 fishing boats over illegal fishing

Workers flood the cargo bay of a Vietnamese-flagged boats with water to sink it in the waters off Datuk Island, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, Saturday, May 4, 2019. Authorities sank 51 foreign fishing boats caught operating illegally in the Indonesian waters as it resumed its tough stance against poaching in the country. (AP Photos/William Pasaribu)

chinese armed fishing fleet

Why China Is Arming Its Fishing Fleet

Forecast Highlights China will keep expanding the defense role of its fishing fleet, integrating it with the Chinese military. Beijing’s intentions will be filtered through local actors with strong interests of their own and...

sardinalla west africa


Sardinella was the only affordable source of protein for poor Gambians. Now, since foreign fishmeal factories are operating, the prices of Sardinella on local markets is sky rocketing