North Jakarta mangrove areas left littered with plastic

Mangrove areas littered with plastic and styrofoam trash in area of community unit (RW) 07, Marunda, Cilincing, North Jakarta, cannot be cleaned up because of a lack of access to the site, locals have said.

Marunda resident Aan said local clean-up workers were only surveying the area but had never cleaned up the mangrove waters.

Trash covers mangrove waters in Marunda, North Jakarta. (Warta Kota/Junianto Hamonangan)

Trash covers mangrove waters in Marunda, North Jakarta. (Warta Kota/Junianto Hamonangan)

“There are no [workers cleaning up the mangroves]. The subdistrict office wanted to clean it up back then, but seeing the conditions, they declined. It’s useless if we do a communal clean-up, because every time we did it, the trash just came back,” Aan said on Tuesday, reported.

Cilincing Environment Agency head Mahmudin, meanwhile, said his workers could not clear away the plastic and styrofoam waste at Marunda mangroves because they were located on private land.

“PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol owns that land. If the plot was publicly owned, we could drop by anytime. That’s a private area, but we are still responsible for the trash,” Mahmudin said.

He said the land owner should routinely clean up the plastic and styrofoam found in the mangroves but failed to do so.

He said the trash was not only swept ashore to the mangroves from the ocean but was also the fault of local residents.

“Residents should be aware [of their waste]. There are workers to clean rivers [in Jakarta], but on the coast, residents must take care of it themselves [by not littering in the coastal area],” he said. (ami)


Source: Jakarta Post


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